Smile restoration

The possibilities for your smile are endless now.

With new advances in tooth coloured materials, bonding technology, dental implants and teeth whitening, we can rebuild your teeth and transform your smile, so you can show off your pearly whites.


Discoloured teeth

There are multiple reasons why teeth can discolour.  Its may be from external staining from food and beverage such as tea, coffee and wine or habits such as smoking.  It may be related to previous trauma to the teeth or failing fillings.  Sometimes, its just aging that gives yellowish tone.

Some of these discolourations can be improved with easy to do teeth whitening at home. More darker discolourations can be hidden with white filling or porcelain veneers to match the adjacent teeth.  

Learn more about veneers.


    I’m a missing tooth

    Missing teeth can be replaced with natural looking tooth replacements.  Dental implants are root-like post that are place in the jaw onto which artistically designed porcelain crowns are attached to.  They look and feel like a real tooth.  Another option is an artificial crown that is attached to adjacent teeth to form a dental bridge.  There are multiple ways in which we can recreate your smile and bite, so you can eat comfortably and smile without a worry.

    My teeth are short and worn.

    Worn teeth can give the appearance of less pleasing reverse, canted or “toothless” smile.

    We are able to sit with you and listen to your concerns and desires to guide you in achieving the look you are after.

      My denture is loose

      Dentures are easy and cost effective way to replace large number of missing teeth at once.

      However, some people may find it difficult to eat or chew with their denture.   They find that denture move around or falls when chewing.  Sadly and often, avoiding certain food to manage the problem.

      We can help you with a more stable solutions. Using dental implants, we can anchor and stabilise dentures.

      Read more about implant retained overdenture.

        teeth whitening alexandra

        Whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home

        With take home whitening, you can refresh your smile in the comfort of your own home to match your lifestyle.

        Take home whitening has shown to be an affordable, safe and effective way to whiten your teeth.  It improves the appearance of yellowish teeth and removes surface stains such as tea, coffee and wines.

        Professional whitening is based on hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. It is available in the form of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide (breaks down into hydrogen peroxide). Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidising agent that diffuses into the tooth and break downs the staining molecules within the tooth into smaller, less pigmented molecules.

        Dentist issued take-home whitening involves wearing of specially made clear trays filled with whitening gels to brighten your teeth.

        First step is taking an impression of your teeth to make a customised tray for your teeth. These trays allow intimate contact between the whitening gel and teeth. Usually, they are worn short as thirty minutes or long as overnight depending of the strength and type of gel used.

        We use Pola Day that is worn one hour for fourteen days.